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About Me

Kelly Fin is a 3D Animator, Live Video Operator/VJ, Nightclub Operator, Show Designer, and

Unreal Engine Artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kelly's love of music, movement, and human imagery unite in all of her work; which is empowering, thought-provoking, and intense above all else.


"Art, music, and creativity have always been the most undeniably powerful influencers in my life. My work is driven not only by a fierce love for creative action and flow, but a hunger to pursue my vision, one that is symbiotic with my physical senses, that overtakes all other thoughts and emotions. The connection, love, and empowerment I feel when immersed in said experiences are my drive in becoming a leader in designing the immersive entertainment of tomorrow."


Bachelor of Arts-Art & Design 2019

       -Animation and Creative Technology

University of Michigan

Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design

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